Gold Line Win on Fare Transferability

A key component of SOUL's Gold Line proposal is on the way, now that Governor Quinn has signed our transit bill mandating a universal fare card for Metra, CTA, and PACE. The signing took place at a press conference with SOUL Leaders, state officials, and transit agency heads (see coverage at the Tribune, NBC, and Fox).

As Governor Quinn noted at the press conference, "It's long been talked about, it's long been hoped for, but today we're going to begin to make it a reality." And it is finally becoming a reality as a result of SOUL's leadership on this issue, which was recognized by the Governor and other state officials.

Congratulations to all SOUL leaders and organizers who have been working on this campaign, and thanks to SOUL allies Will Burns and Kwame Raoul who were instrumental in moving this bill through Springfield!

UPDATE: A WBEZ story on the press conferencec quotes SOUL leader Lamar Scruggs and links to SOUL's website.


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