SOUL’s Statement on Mayor Emanuel’s COPA Legislation Passing City Council

On Wednesday, October 7th the Chicago City council passed the COPA Ordinance designed to create greater police accountability and review within CPD.  This ill-fated attempt by Mayor Rahm Emanuel serves as yet another example of his top down managerial style and grip on most members of Chicago’s City Council.  The COPA ordinance is fundamentally flawed and the process by which this ordinance was created failed to engage ommunity residents in real and meaningful ways. SOUL does not support this legislation or Mayor Emanuel’s plan for police accountability in Chicago.

SOUL continues to advocate for real community engagement in any and all attempts to create police accountability in the City of Chicago.  We fully support the engagement of communities and individuals that have been impacted by police misconduct as the most essential way to create a new paradigm between the community and law enforcement.  Whether that new paradigm includes an agency that is independent from the mayor’s office, with robust review from community members, or an elected community board or an elected independent auditor is something to be determined by the people. Despite the passing of the ordinance, we will continue to demand real reform of the police department, with collaboration and oversight from multiple stakeholders and our communities.

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